Full Lead Crystal (30% PbO)

We use one of the finest quality crystals in the industry to dress our chandeliers. Our crystal is Full Lead Crystal, which has a 30% Lead Oxide content (highest in the industry). Each piece is cut and polished using the highest technology available to achieve maximum color refraction and sparkle. All the prices for our chandeliers in our website are for the Full Lead Crystal. To show you the quality of our crystal, when you request our catalog, we will also send you one of our Full Lead Crystal pieces for your review. We do NOT mix and match lower quality crystals with our Full Lead Crystals for any of our chandeliers. We feel that using a lower quality crystal to dress any crystal chandelier goes against the grain, which is why we only use the finest the world has to offer. And to prove you that we are 100% sure that you will love the quality of our beautiful crystals, we are offering you 30 days money back guarantee, which means if you don't like our quality, just return your chandelier and we will refund your money.

What is Crystal?

Crystal is a form of glass that has Lead Oxide (PbO) in its chemical composition. The purpose of Lead Oxide is to increase the density of glass, which in turn, increases the refractive properties. When it is cut and polished, it creates more colors and sparkle than regular glass. The higher percentage of Lead Oxide in the composition of crystal, the more colors are reflected from it. Cutting and polishing techniques are also very important. In the old days, they were cut and polished by hand which left scratch marks and imperfections on the surface of the crystals, today, with the use of computer controlled high precision equipments, crystals are cut and polished perfect just like diamonds to achieve the maximum amount of sparkle and luster.

Following are the different qualities of crystal in the market today

Strass Crystal

Manufactured by Swarovski A.G. located in Austria. It is known as the best quality crystal in the world. It has 30% Lead Oxide content and it is precision machine cut and polished. Each crystal piece has a Strass Logo engraved on it to protect its authenticity.

Full Lead Crystal

This is also one of the best quality crystals in the market today. It has 30% Lead Oxide content and it is also precision machine cut and polished which gives it razor sharp facets, pure optical clarity and lots of colors.

Swarovski Spectra

Manufactured by Swarovski A.G. a new addition to Crystal Market. It has no Lead Oxide content but it is precision machine cut and polished which still gives it colors and brilliance.

Hand Cut Crystal

This crystal is manufactured by the old fashion way of cutting and polishing by hand. The Lead Oxide content varies greatly but it is usually around 5%. Due to the lack of Lead Oxide and not being cut and polished in a precise fashion, it lacks the brilliance and the colors of the above crystals. Some companies call this type of crystal as: Heritage, Bohemian, Regal, Crystalique or Turkish crystal.

Italian Crystal

This crystal has no Lead Oxide content and it is not cut and polished. It is simply glass melted in molds shaped as crystals and fire polished, not machine or hand polished. It is the most economic crystal in the market today. It shows no color and brilliance. It is also known as the Venetian Crystal.